Peach Skillet Cake

Ingredients1 1/2 cups soy flour1 tbsp ground ginger2 tsp baking powder1/3 stick of butter, melted + 2 tbsp for the skillet + 2 tbsp for the topscant 1/2 cup milk2 large eggs3 tbsp Torani sweetener (sugar free Brown Sugar Cinnamon)1 (16 ounce) package frozen peach slices Optional:
1 tbsp of cinnamon to dust on top2 tbsp golden or "brown sugar" Lakanto or Swerve to sprinkle on top Directions I cooked this in a cast iron skillet, but it could be easily made in a casserole pan or pie plate. It's quite forgiving. I also cooked it on my gas grill instead of the oven. It would certainly be great with other sweeteners!
Preheat the oven to 375. (It's summer in New England - so I preheated my grill!)Set skillet on medium-low heat and add the 2 tbsp butter.Whisk together flour, baking powder, and ground ginger. Whisk together melted butter, milk, Torani syrup and eggs in another bowl or large measuring cup. Whisk the liquid ingredients into flour mixture.Add half the batter to t…

Back to knitting

After a long hiatus, I am knitting. The pattern is Georgy's Hat, which looks like it will work up cute. I've only just started, having ripped back once since it was way too big. This is exciting for me. I haven't made anything notable since a Halloween sweater that I failed to finish two years ago.

For a while, I was fitfully working on a One Row Handspun Scarf (a favorite go to go me -- I call it my comfort knitting) but I haven't even worked on that in many months. I need to find it in my closet and weave in the ends.
I love knitting a project multiple times. (I also love rewatching favorite movies!) I have a hope for this hat pattern to be one of those. 

It's fun to be knitting again, and watching knitting youtubes and (re)discovering knitting blogs. I've logged back into Ravelry, too!

I'm happy to have woken this blog back up. I love reading blog posts about knitting projects. The ups and downs of individual projects, what patterns and styles are catchin…

Hello World

More knitting! It's been a rough time for many, and I am no exception. I'm going to knit and work my way through. More to come.

In praise of modern sewing machines

I have seen heaps of praise for older sewing machines. I used to drive an old car, so I can sympathize. When it was running well it was great--good gas mileage, reliable, and really cheap. So if I had an older, workhorse sewing machine, I just know I'd love it too.

I would like to heap praise on my new-ish, low end Kenmore sewing machine.

But when I was a kid, my Nana had one of those 70s models, a Kenmore. It was lost in the selling or her house. But I can tell you, it never ran well. In fact, I was never allowed to touch it, since the timing seemed to go screwy if you looked at it funny. Maybe all it needed was the right tune up, but I don't quite believe it. Sewing machines, like cars, can just be lemons, after all. The right older car is a marvel, but plenty of them suck, too.

When I wanted a sewing machine, I read the message boards and reviews. An older, metal machine from the 70s, seemed to be the consensus. So I looked at secondhand shops and on Craigslist and whatnot. I …

Picking up the gauntlet? again?

Creative Knitting (ravelry link) just came in the mail. I haven't picked up needles or hooks in months. So of course I just queued Drop the Gauntlet. Maybe they would be a good get-back-into-it project. Not that I have *ever* produced 2 wristlets that matched enough in size to wear. Maybe the scarf is where I start!

Allons-y, Alonzo!

And so, the holidays end.
But, we get new rats this week! More hammocks to crochet!